Show Awards

Chespeake Bay Retriever Show Awards

Dog Show Awards (from UK Kennel Club)

Award Show
BIS Best In Show
RBIS Reserve Best In Show
BIG Best In Group
BOB Best Of Breed
RBOB Reserve Best Of Breed
BPIB Best Buppy In Breed
BOS Best Opposite Sex
BB Best Bitch
BD Best Dog
BP Best Puppy
G1, G2, G3, G4 Group 1, 2, 3 & 4 - placings in the group judging
CC Challenge Certificate - This is a certificate which the judge signs stating that in his or her opinion the dog is worthy
of becoming a Show Champion. These certificates are awarded by The Kennel Club. Your dog will need three of these awards,
given by different judges, before he/she becomes a Champion.
This status is also awarded by The Kennel Club.
The judge has the right to withhold the CC (and RCC) if he does not think any dog entered in any class is worthy of being a Champion.
RCC Reserve Challenge Certificate - All unbeaten winning dogs then challenge for this award. This certificate states that the dog given this award
is worthy of being awarded the CC should the certificate winner be disqualified.
This doesn't happen very often! It is at the judge's discretion to call into the ring the dog place second to the CC winner.
JW Junior Warrant
CH Champion
Ag CH Agility Champion
FT CH Field Trial Champion
Ob CH Obedience Champion
Sh CH Show Champion
Sh CM Show Certificate of Merit