Wild Fowling

Wildfowling is the tracking down of geese and ducks over foreshores and inland and coastal marshes. Thease birds are shot with a shot gun.  It is a sport requiring considerable stamina and patience by the wildfowlers.  Shooting of these birds takes place during the winter months in wet, muddy and often cold conditions, in the early morning and late afternoons.

An good knowledge of the location / habitat is required by the successful wildfowler to identify the different type of birds.

Many wildfowlers do use the Chesapeake Bay Retriever to retrieve waterfowl. The use of a dog provides a number of advantages. As duck hunting often takes place in these cold and wet locations, the use of a dog reduces the risk of a wildfowler of going into difficult locations and cold water to retrieve a shot or wounded bird. The Chesapeake Bay Retrievers acute sense of smell allows it to find the dead or wounded birds where  undergrowth and weeds can allow a bird to hide. The use of a dog ensures that a higher percentage of the birds shot end up on the table.

There is an disadvatage if the dog you use is not fully trained. A well trained Chesapeake Bay retriever will need to sit still,  not to run into the water looking for birds when guns are fired.  Dogs need to wait untill sent to do the retrieve, otherwise it can ruin a godd hunt for you and fellow wildfowlers.