Dog Triathlons

Triathlon for Dogs is a 3 stage event where participants swim with their dogs, then exit the water and transition onto the bike or scooter to complete an road bike course, then transition to the trail running section (Canicross) to finish the triathlon. Below the triathlon disciplines explained.


Running with dogs has been taking place for a long time but is now more commonly known as canicross which means you are doing cross country running with your dog attached to you. To participate in any canicross race, you need to fit your dog with a harness which attaches to you via a bungee lead to a waistbelt. Canicross is becoming one of the fastest growing sports for people to run with their dogs.

Bikejor / Scootering:

Bikejoring originates from the sled dog sports but now people use a mountain type bike or scooter to keep dogs and themselves fit.
Usually a mountain bike or scooter has an attachment which prevents the bungee line getting entangled with the wheel if the dog suddenly stops.
Bikejor and scootering is much faster event / activity than canicross.


Swimming with dogs does not have a specific event name. For any triathlon dog event, swimming with your dog at some events the organisers may request that your dog is attached to you via a lead of some description for safety. If you have a dog thats a really good swimmer, there is even a chance they can pull you if the dog is wearing a proper harness.